Has your organization experienced a security compromise? Are you looking for reassurance that intellectual property has not been exposed following a virus, worm or other hacker intrusion? Enclave Forensics provides expert incident response and digital forensic services. One business day on site response is available for customers who wish to establish an annual service contract.

An annual service contract offers your organization several advantages. Aside from having a qualified Enclave Forensics incident response and forensic specialist on site within 24 hours or one business day, you also benefit from priority case analysis and reduced rates for our services. The annual service contract fee is dependent on the size and location of your organization. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Typically, if your organization can project that you will have four or more incidents that need to be handled professionally, you will begin to see a cost savings overall with a yearly contract as soon as you cross the threshold of the fourth incident.

If your organization prefers not to establish a service contract or can safely say that fewer than four incidents are likely, then you will be interested in our straight hourly services. All incidents for which we either mobilize resources or perform media analysis require a minimum of twenty hours of work. The number of hours required might increase depending on the number of systems involved, the size of the media and the extent of the compromise.